Welcome to Zen.

Welcome to Zen Accounting Solutions, LLC. 

We believe in doing things a little differently. As a small, boutique company, we provide customized, remote accounting, consulting and trainings.

We work with small to mid-size businesses, self-employed individuals, non-profit organizations and even other accountants and bookkeepers!  

We provide bookkeeping services, including trainings and cleanup work for business owners, accountants and bookkeepers.

For our business owners, we provide business consulting in addition to tax services and bookkeeping services. Check the Services and About pages for more offerings.

We utilize secure, cloud based solutions so that we can work with you no matter where your work or life takes you.  We currently have clients in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

Head over to our Pricing and Services page to learn more. 

Still have questions? Email us: info@zenaccountingsolutions.com