No matter where you are, we have you covered.
We work with clients in the US and internationally through secure, remote, cloud accounting options. 

We provide efficient solutions that help you meet your goals, understand your business performance and allow you to spend your time on your passion- not your accounting. 

Who we like to work with:

Business owners that want to work efficiently and understand the importance of have accurate, current accounting systems. We offer packages that provide a holistic look at your business and life, including monthly bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax filings, financial reporting, account reconciliation, budgeting and cash flow projections, internal auditing, business management consulting, tax planning and tax preparation. 

If you've just started a business or want to start one, we also offer new business consulting for all you need to know about business entities, tax implications, recordkeeping and planning.  See our pricing and services page for more details.

How we work:

Our first step will be to conduct a consultation with you to determine your needs and create your action plan. If you are in the Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC or RTP, NC areas, we can meet face to face or, if you live farther away (or just don't have time to meet in person) we meet virtually. We will create a customized plan for you based on the your needs and goals.  

Have you recently started a new business? Read our New Business Guide to help you navigate the complex world of business structures and taxes.