How to always know your IRS stats

June 12, 2017


If you've ever received a notice from the IRS, tried to buy a house, waited on a refund, or needed to pay taxes, you know that figuring out your account status can mean a lot of time on hold and lots of paperwork. However, you can shorten your to-do list by using a handy tool that keeps you informed of your IRS stats. You can look at your transcript, your account status and more by setting up an online IRS account. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. 


 First, go the the IRS link


You'll see this greeting:



Once you are there, the site will guide you through entering in your info. You will need to know how you filed your last return (ex. Single, Married Filing Separate, etc), the last address on file for you, and one other piece of financial info they will use to confirm it is really you. Next, you set up some security questions and answers, plug in your cell phone, and receive a text confirmation. In some cases, they mail snail mail a PIN to you as well. 


However, once you are up and running, you can log in any time to figure out your status. 


Well worth the 10 minute sign up time!



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